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We are team of talanted developers and business analytics who improve the enterprise applications ecosystem.

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About Us

We are team of talanted developers and business analytics who improve the enterprise applications ecosystem. We build extensions (plugins) for various corporate systems, including: Atlassian Jira Service Desk, HP Service Manager, Office 365 and many more.

Let's work together on making the enterprise software aligned to your company needs

Enterprise solutions are often build to satisfy the needs of average company. The products owners assume that companies will adapt the software to their needs themself. That is rarly a case and good idea.

Our mission is to use the APIs and Frameworks that the enterprise solutions give to optimize the expierance for your company. We extend the native functionality of the enterpise systems to fit your needs so you don't need to invest time end effort in building the expertise not your core business area.

Our values and best practise

Focus on the problem

We do analize the business processes to find the best solution to your needs.

Focus on the inteface

The UX (user experiance) study is a key element to our design. We design for success!

Deliver the first sprint for free

We are so sure of the value we deliver that we offer a free Sprint to all new clients. Let'w work together and know each other better before commiting.

Provide a great customer support

A great products is worthless without a great customer support. This is what defines the project success in a long run.

Our products

A selection of the products that the team is especially proud of.

Service Desk Checklists for JIRA

A must have extension JIRA Service Desk for all companies that aim to provide a high quality customer service. It enforces high quality and standarization in the request fulfilment process.
See the product documentation...

HP uCMDB cloud scanner

An extension that scans the corporate cloud environments and creates the configuration items in the uCMDB batabase.

Contact us for more details...

Instructions for the Service Desk Agents

Another must have extension JIRA Service Desk that allows better organization of the Help Desk Agents work.

See the product documentation...


The support team is working 5 days per week. Please use the contact form on the rigth to report your problem. More information you will find in the SLA document.

Strzelców Karpackich 2
Gdańsk 80-041

+48 502 294 107

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