Service Desk Checklist
User Documentation

Revision date: 2018/09

Table of contents:
  1. Creating a checklist template
  2. Using the checklist
  3. Data privacy policy
  4. Frequently asked questions

1. Creating a checklist template

The checklists templates are stored locally (safely) in your Jira Service Desk Instance. The creation of a new checklist is a simple process and the interactive guide (for the administrators) is included in the tool. Each request type from the service catalogue (customer portal) can have a different checklist template.

  1. Please login as the administrator and open any issue created from the customer portal (that has the request type field not empty).
  2. Find the "create checklist template" button and click it.
  3. Put the checklist template in the description fields (as the bullet points).
  4. Leave all other fields unchanges and click on the create button (the newly created requests servers only as a template for this given request category).
  5. Done. The checklist will now automatically appear for all requests of the same request type.
2. Using the checklists

The checklists are automatically attached to all issues accordingly to the request type. The progres of work is saved in the issue comments, so the full audit trail of changes to the checklist is available.

  1. Please login as the agent and open a reques of a types that has a checklist template created.
  2. Please note that the "Setup Guide" is not visible to the agents by design.
  3. Please check the first box to confirm that the work has been completed.
  4. Please refresh the page and note that the checkbox is still checked (as expected).
  5. Please scroll down to the comments sections and review the comments history. Every time an element is checked on the checklist a coresponding comment is made.
3. Data privacy policy

The general data privacy policy can be found here . The Service Desk Checklist application stores all the data in the clients JIRA Service Desk cloud instances. The informations are stored in the following JIRA Service Desk objects: issues (checklist templates) and related comments (progress tracking). This application is not transfering nor processing any information outside of the clients Jira Service Desk cloud instances.

4. Frequently asked questions

Please use the support form on the JS-Factory homepage if you have any other questions about the product.

  1. Does the application work with the on-premise Jira Service Desk installation?
    No. The application is designed for the Jira Service Desk cloud environment only.
  2. Does the application work with the Jira Core product?
    No. The application is designed for the Jira Service Desk cloud environment only.
  3. Can I remove the Checklist Template Issues?
    Yes. The application will keep working for the issues that allready have checklists attached, however the checklist will no longer be attached to the new issues.
  4. Can I close/cancel the Checklist Template Issues?
    Yes. The status of the issue that is holding the checklist template is not important for the application to work.